Here's What's New at Lewis Wharf

The rehabilitation and development of Lewis Wharf will include a luxury hotel, 2.4-acres of pedestrian accessible open space, and a 1.25 acre waterfront park, a circumferential public Harborwalk that spans the entire site, a new and expanded Boston Sailing Center and an expanded public marina. The project will eliminate the existing surface parking lot, thereby clearing the way for the public green space and a waterfront park, which will extend from Atlantic Avenue, across the site to the water's edge and to a new 1,800 linear foot section of Boston's Harborwalk that will connect the existing Harborwalk sections north and south of the site.

The hotel will be comprised of a two building complex occupying the existing pilings and will reflect the historic wharf buildings that once occupied these finger piers. In doing so, the project will mirror the format utilized in the redevelopment of many piers in the North End, including the Pilot House, Battery Wharf and Burroughs Wharf.


The addition of a hotel surrounded by green space, including the waterfront park, will support a more vibrant area for both residents and visitors. There is currently limited direct access to the waterfront, and the new Lewis Wharf will include multiple pedestrian pathways that will provide access around the Granite Building to the Harborwalk and out to waterfront plazas at the end of the piers. The new privately-maintained park and Harborwalk will be well-lit, and have seating to view extensive vistas of the Boston Harbor. 

The hotel will provide a new gathering space for the neighborhood, with both event facilities for celebrations as well as new restaurants and shops. We will ensure that the operator will take an active role in including and welcoming the community in addition to visitors and guests.


The capacity of the current surface lot will be preserved, but will be moved fully underground to allow for the creation of the public waterfront park. This change will also create an expanded pedestrian passageway from Atlantic Avenue to the waterfront and Harborwalk, eliminating years of restricted access to the Harbor. Water taxi service will also be available, connecting the North End/Waterfront neighborhood to Logan Airport and other areas of the city, such as the Seaport, Innovation District and East Boston.


City and State approval processes can last approximately two years. Once approvals have been granted, construction is expected to last approximately 36 months.


This plan is compliant with the requirements mandated by the Massachusetts Public Waterfront Act (Chapter 91) and the 1990 Municipal Harborpark Plan. These regulations are the guiding force behind all proposed actions taken along the North End Waterfront.

Chapter 91's main goal is to promote and preserve the shorelines and waterways of Massachusetts and ensure that public access is protected for both commerce and recreation.

Public Revenue

The project is expected to generate approximately $7.4 million in City and State taxes annually.


JW Capital Partners (JWCP), Boston, which was founded in 2010, focuses on the development and acquisition of well-located, multi-family assets on the East Coast. From their headquarters at One Lewis Wharf, JWCP currently owns and operates approximately $100 million in assets.

John Moriarty & Associates, Inc. (JMA) has been chosen as the general contractor for the Lewis Wharf development, bringing extensive experience in waterfront construction in the Boston area including Atlantic Wharf, Liberty Wharf, Pier 4 and North Point. JMA is also responsible for other large-scale projects in Boston and along the East Coast, including the Americas Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts, Novartis World Headquarters for Research, 111 Huntington Avenue, the Simches Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Karp Family Research Facility at Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Future Lewis Wharf